Sheena Metal Productions Booking Policy

Welcome! Please take the next 5 minutes and read over this important page, to familiarize yourself with how the Sheena Metal Productions Music Division engages with their valued artists.

Unlike other promotion entities that serve only to book and fill a venue, Sheena Metal Productions is indie artist oriented, geared to support artists on a professional or label track.

Sheena Metal Productions has developed a very intricate Industry relationship with major and indie labels and TV production houses over the past 15 years, being asked to independently scout for talent in the A&R departments on many occasions. Sheena's nationally syndicated Radio Show, The Music Highway, has added an additional spotlight on Sheena Metal Productions, gaining further industry interest in Sheena Metal Productions.

Sheena Metal Productions offers INDUSTRY SHOWCASES, where actual Industry personae SHOW INTEREST IN attending Sheena Metal Shows due to the quality reputation of Sheena Metal. To continue participation from these industry press groups and labels, it is necessary to ensure that bands being asked to Showcase are willing to bring their audience to the industry venues.

Sheena Metal Productions provides bands and artists opportunities to be seen by and interface with the following, and will continue to do so:

1) Press hookups and coverage with magazines and periodicals.

2) Industry label showcase opportunities and music industry connections.

3) Promotion of your given night to over 20,000 people via the Sheena Metal list.





Due to the severe change in many club policies regarding band draws, bar tills, and general club attendance, and in order to continue to provide quality performing environments, certain shows booked by Sheena Metal Productions will require pre-ticket sales in order to meet the door minimum required by the club.

With these club rules in tact, and the desire for Sheena Metal Productions to continue to meet Industry Rep standards, Sheena Metal Productions can no longer support artists on a bill who are not doing their part to promote their shows. Artists who book a non-pre-ticket-sale show and promise a draw without delivering at least half of the promised draw will be required next time to play a different time slot (i.e. first or last of the night), and possibly required to sell tickets in order to play again in the same time slot at the same club. Artists are encouraged to be honest about their draw, and not to over promise. Here at Sheena Metal Productions, honesty is the best policy.


Tickets for select shows can be pre-purchased by artists through Sheena Metal Productions. Each ticket sheet will be e-mailed to the artist by Sheena Metal Productions. Tickets will have the band's name and venue printed directly on the ticket.

All tickets for booked shows must be paid for in full, two weeks in advance of the show. SMP accepts checks, money orders, and credit cards as payment-- NO Cash payment. Payment is made to: JENNY SHERWIN.

Send contract and payment to:

Sheena Metal Productions
15030 Ventura Blvd. Suite 843
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403


As of 07/01/05, a contract for your showcase will be e-mailed to you. SIGN THE CONTRACT AND RETURN IT to Sheena Metal Productions to secure your booked slot. Failue to return contract in a timely manner will forfeit your booking.

For pre-ticket sale shows, SIGN CONTRACT AND RETURN IT WITH TICKET PAYMENT to Sheena Metal Productions. Failure to return a contract with payment will result in your check being sent back to you, and forfeit your booked slot.


1) Upon signing the contract, the artist is liable for playing the designated time slot, and/or liable for the full monitary ticket amount agreed upon. PLEASE NOTE: The artist is still legally liable for payment, even if the artist cancels!

2) If an artist cancels their showcase slot after they have pre-purchased their tickets, their money will not be refunded, regardless when the show was cancelled. Artists wlil be charged a $100.00 cancellation fee for cancellations of any reason.

3) Sheena Metal Productions takes every precaution to choose wonderful, accessible venues based upon good sound, good house gear, good location, industry crowds, etc. Sheena Metal Productions makes every effort to run shows as on time as possible, for the benefit of the bands, the industry attending, and the club staff. However, Sheena Metal Productions does not have ultimate control over a club, all acts on the bill, it's employees, or outside circumstances that would affect the club, or the running of the night. Sheena Metal Productions is not liable for showcases that run long for reasons outside of their control.

4) Artist agrees to sign a performance release upon arriving at certain shows, prior to performance.


Not all Sheena Metal Productions shows require pre-ticket sales. However, ALL INDUSTRY SHOWCASE SHOWS require pre-ticket sales, unless otherwise specified in advance by Sheena Metal Productions.

Any artists that would like to sell tickets for any show will be allowed to. Sheena Metal Productions will pre-sell professionally laid-out tickets to any artist who wishes to pre-sell out any Sheena Metal Productions show. Many artists enjoy the revenue from this practice, and enjoy the documentation of their draw.

Artists invited to participate in certain showcases will be notified in advance of shows that will require pre-ticket sales. All booking confirmations will be done by e-mail ONLY, to provide a written documentation of the show placement. PLEASE save your e-mail confirmations, and refer to them if you have any questions.

Artists must use authorized official Sheena Metal Productions tickets. Artists attempting to copy off additional tickets will have those tickets confiscated at the door, and will be charged by the club for the tickets.

Sheena Metal Productions is not responsible for lost or stolen pre-purchased tickets.

Sheena Metal Productions is not responsible for music industry's opinions or actions or interactions towards or involving bands/artists.

Sheena Metal Productions is not responsible for personally introducing music industry professionals to bands or artists, only providing a venue in which industry professionals may access and interface with artists if they chose.

Sheena Metal Productions is not responsible for club staff, club sound gear, or technical problems incurred at a club. If a showcase is ruined because of an outside club-related emergency, such as a fire or evacuation, Sheena Metal Productions will make alternate arrangements with the artists.

Artists who fail to deliver half of a promised draw will be notified prior to re-booking of the next show's necessary ticket arrangements.

Thank you for your continued participation in Sheena Metal Productions showcases, and as always, we wish you the best of luck on your career -- we're here to help you!

Further questions may be e-mailed to Sheena Metal Productions. Please include BOOKING in the subject margin.

The Sheena Metal Productions Music Division Staff