Aside from making TV appearances as herself on a number of TV programs, Sheena has been a writer and consultant for many TV shows-- the latest writing West Hollywood Stories, released by Culture Q Connection on DVD.

West Hollywood Stories

Welcome to WeHo Manor and its residents: Handsome hunks, good doctors, evil twins, nude maids, cross dressing nuns engaging in life's simple pleasures like love triangles, kidnapping, blackmail and a whole lot more!! They are fabulously sick, twisted and bitchy, bitchy, bitchy. Doug Stevenson the "selfless clinic volunteer"/quasi professional gossip columnist is actually a brown nosing, ladder climbing egomaniac. Tony Rios the popular soap actor with a porno past. The eccentric apartment manager who likes his maids hunky, Latin and nude. Juan, the nude maid is anticipating a bitter catfight with his soon to be ex lover, Vic, the lazy handyman at the complex. Young and out Chance Carnagie has just been tossed out by his ultra right wing father and is befriended by a pair of homeless teens, Liza and Elvis. Semi closeted conservative and unethical lawyer Trevor Turner learns that the only people getting promoted at his firm are married with children. Dr. Jerry, the rock of the neighborhood doesn't know that his lover Ernie is a recovering drug addict.

The Classic TV Show that started it all:

Sheena Metal's Freakin' Rock Review

In 1991, a phenom raced across cable access to become one of the most beloved and copied Cult Classic favorites to ever grace that medium. Written, produced, directed and starred in by Sheena herself, Sheena Metal's Freakin' Rock Review was syndicated to 15 different cable stations around the country. The show was sponsored by Pizza Hut, Western Bagel, and Tommy Burger, amongst other major vendors.

Sheena Metal played 18 different characters on the TV show, spawning a live one-woman show that highlighted such characters as the psychotic clown named Maggie, Cousin Lupe Esparza (whose little brother was run over by the Sparklett's truck), fanatical minister Reverend Jean Rot, and many more.


Sheena Metal's Freakin' Rock Review at one time boasted a cast of 72 actors. Many of those actors have gone on to have successful careers, such as:

Gary Douglas Kohn : ER, Charmed, The Sheild, Almost Famous

David "Shark" Fralick : The Young and the Restless, Gone in Sixty Seconds, Chill Factor, Coyote Moon, Last Days of Frankie The Fly

Alisa Christensen : Coyote Ugly, Man On The Moon, Another 48 Hours, Wayne's World, Deep Cover, Mullholland Falls, Wild Bill, Whore


Much like The Monkeys, Sheena Metal's Freakin' Rock Review spawned a live Parody Hard Rock band called Sheena Metal's Beer Bong, one of LA hottest drawing bands in the early nineties.

Former Beer Bong character "Layfette", Guitarist Paul Houston, is currently with pop band Pope Jane.

Magazines such as Details and Dramalogue featured Sheena Metal's Freakin' Rock Review. The show was the most successful cult cable access show in LA history, with clips from the show being used in other programming today. Sheena Metal herself spun off into a successful career in talk radio, film, and TV.


A little known fact, Sheena's name is not really Sheena Metal. The name "Sheena Metal" came from the character she created for the TV show, and it has stuck with her. You can find Sheena on IMDb under her real name, Jenny Sherwin.